Monday, January 7, 2008

Creative Plans

I've been so pleased with the response to my blog giveaway! The best part has been meeting so many nice people and catching a glimpse of their lives through their blogs.
As I look at the blogs of other artists and crafters, I'm really overwhelmed by the amount of talent and diversity I observe. There are so many levels of creativity and means of expression! As for myself, although I started out drawing and painting, for many years I have been in love with fabric, using it for applique, quilting, crafts and home dec sewing. Many years ago I made my own clothes, (when I was a size ten!), and actually made my own wedding gown and two of my bridesmaid's dresses. How brave was I to do that! I would never attempt it now!!
Seven days into the new year, I'm a little behind in setting artistic goals for '08. Still, I've decided to list the things I'm interested in pursuing and learning and then, set up some sort of a plan for the year.
I want to create several art quilts this year, using commercial fabrics as well as fabrics I have painted, discharged, stamped and embellished. I'd like to play with collage and abstract forms, as well as the pictorial applique wall hangings I really enjoy making.
Other things I'm hoping to play with are various crafts, such as paper cutting, felting and ornament making.
Artistic sewing projects would include handbag making, embroidering and doll making.
And I would also like to do some pen and ink drawing!! Aha!!! An ambitious list!!
Well, I want to get back to using my blog to document what I am doing creatively and to give some structure to my time.
Next up: A plan!!


Tea Time and Roses said...

So glad you are having a great response to your lovely give-away...fantastic! Wonderful plans ahead for your crafting, Judy you do beautiful work and I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us in the coming months!! :o) Happy crafting!



KJ said...

This sounds like a dynamite plan to me! I'm sure your creativity will lead to some interesting posts of your new projects! Can't wait. And, yes, you were quite ambitious to have made your wedding dress and some bridesmaid dresses. I'm sure they looked beautiful!

Hugs, KJ

KJ said...

Thanks for your nice compliments, Judy! I know it is always nice to place a face with a name. I was waiting to have a professional shot taken because I need one for speaking. But, I think the photo I chose speaks volumes.

Oh Happy Day,