Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Joyous New Year!

I pulled this photo out of my files because it symbolizes warmth and home to me, things I value as we go forward into the New Year.
Home and family are everything, and I'm very grateful for mine!
That said, today I am celebrating the one year anniversary of my blog!!! This has been a wonderful adventure and I'm looking forward to another year of keeping up with blog friends, creating new artwork and meeting new friends through this medium!
In the next few days I'll be offering a giveaway as part of my anniversary celebration! For now, I'm sending out warm wishes to all who may read this, for a joyous and creative New Year!!


Tea Time and Roses said...

Happy New Year Judy to you and your family! A Big Happy Anniversary to a year of blogging! What a sweet picture, it does capture the meaning of home and looks so peaceful. Something I feel each time I visit here. Thank you for all your sweet angels at Christmas, and I still have my eye on the little white one! You and your family enjoy the rest of your week.

KJ said...

This is very nice, Judy! As usual, I did my enlargemnt routine to see all of your detail! Terrific!

I did a special post for you on my site! I was hoping you would see it tonight and then realized that it is almost midnight there. Oh well... Sleep tight!

It is raining here! I love it!

Snuggly Dreams,

KJ said...


You look much younger than one approaching 60! You're lookin' good girl!

When I sang with a performing group in my youth, we sang a song called, "Fifty Nifty," which had to do with the 50 states. I can't get the song or the choreography out of my head!