Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Winners!

Tonight I drew the winners of my blog giveaway! Since my husband is on a business trip, Kristy, our cat stood witness as I chose the winning entries! They are KJ, from Eye-Dyllic, Connie, from Life at Tree Top Cottage and Beverly from Tea Time and Roses!!!
I had already decided that I had enough materials to make up a third folder of goodies, and Beverly was the third winner chosen, so her assortment may be slightly different from the others'. But to all the winners, Congratulations!!! Please email your info to me and I will get those packages out right away! (my email address is on my blog.)
To all who left comments on my blog, a heartfelt thank you for helping me to celebrate my blogiversary!!!


KJ said...

Yeah baby...yeah baby...yeah baby!

I'm doing a rhythmic dance! Can you tell? Ooo lah lah! I am so excited! My day did not start off so well. In fact it was downright poopy! As the day progressed it got significantly better as we found out that $3500.00 of our debt was written off today!!! After going through a grueling year that took our business and threw us much deeper into debt, we saw the faithfulness of God today! THEN, THE CHERRY ON TOP WAS WINNING YOUR GIVEAWAY!!! I WAS BOUNCING ALL OVER THE HOUSE!

Thanks so much, dear Judy! I can't wait to receive my Valentine Kit! And, I'm so glad that more people found out what wonderful place your blog is!

Many hugs,

KJ said...

P.S. Your manicure looks nice!

Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

Thanks So Much!!! Your blog is great!! Connie

sparkle jars said...

Congratulations to the winners! :-)

Tea Time and Roses said...

Wow I really won!!!!! Oh my goodness this is fabulous!!! Judy I am at loss of words, and very much excited!!! Thank you so much for a AWESOME GIVE-AWAY!!!!! :o)