Friday, October 10, 2008

Breast Cancer and Me

Thirteen years ago I had breast cancer. 
I had just moved to a different state with my family and was a little behind in finding new doctors and setting up appointments. When I finally went in for a yearly physical, the doctor noticed a lump in my breast. Try as I might, I couldn't feel it, and later, even the surgeon couldn't feel it. But a mammogram did show a mass, so I had a biopsy. When it turned out to be cancer, a lumpectomy followed, then chemotherapy and radiation. I was 47 years old. (Do the math, I'll be 60 next week!) It was stage 1 breast cancer and no lymph nodes were involved. Thank God, I've been fine since then. 
So why am I writing about this on my art blog?
If you've stopped by and read this and are putting off a doctor's appointment or mammogram, please think of me. If my cancer had not been detected so early, I might not be here today. It was a crisis, it was a hard year, but I survived.
I'm so fortunate. 
Please take care of yourself, and be proactive.
Life is precious.



Sue B said...

congratulations on being a 13 yr survivor Judy!

sparkle jars said...

I'm so glad you shared this. I always get a mammogram every September, but with all that has been taking place, I have not yet made an appointment this year and thought of waiting until next September. I'll call for an appointment right now. :-)Thank you for a gentle reminder.

summer girl said...

I remember that time. You leave me speechless, Judy. Thank God you are still here.

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Judy!

Thank you for this post. It is time for my mammogram, and as you stated so many things get in the way and we sometimes put things off. Thanks for the gentle reminder, and I am so glad you are all better! :o)

By the way, what beautiful work you have created these past weeks. As I said before, your art simply amazes me. You have fabulous week my friend!



Anonymous said...

Wow, has it been that long? I remember it well. and thank God you are here to celebrate another birthday. See you tomorrow, Happy Birthday my dearest friend.