Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Kristy Investigates

"Hmmm....there have been strangers here lately, sleeping in this bed. Now the coast is clear. I'll investigate...
This pillow seems okay. Let me just test it out...
Ahhh, perfect! The room is mine once again!!"

Kristy's take on having been shut out of the guest room while we had visitors recently!!!

From my last blog post, I can see that just about everyone has times when they are 'stuck' creatively! I appreciate all the input and ideas as to how to let go and just play with materials and be creative.
Above is a little sneak peek at what I am working on currently. Unfortunately, my leg is acting up again and I must keep it elevated, so that limits the amount of time I can spend in the studio. But I do sneak in there a few times a day for a few minutes to do a tiny bit.

Hope everyone is having a great week. We are having gorgeous weather here in New England and I am thoroughly enjoying it on my porch!



Karen L R said...

Oh, bother, Judy! Keep that leg up, OK?

Glad Kristy got her spot back.

And I am intrigued by the lovely start you've made to the portrait.

These end of summer days are just so perfect. Our porch is open, too, and I even have socks on today!

Do take care.

quiltcat said...

Hi Judy. Really sorry to hear that you leg is acting up...please get that infection under control! that was a cute sequence of shots of Kristy reclaiming her domain.

Beena said...

I am convinced that this must be exactly what was going through your cat's mind!

I am in almost the same boat, just doing a little bit at a time after still recovering from the flu. Hang in there! Even when the hands aren't busy, the mind is still receptive and filling with creative juice for later! Feel better soon!

Shell said...

I do hope your leg feels better,Judy.
Of course, Kristy feels the bed is her bed. And she "allowed" you to have guests stay there. Mabel claims ownerships of not only my bed but all the chairs too.

Libby Fife said...

Kitties do love their favorite places! Waiting anxiously to see what this new piece turns in to. Take it easy with your leg.

Nan and =^..^= said...

I just love the way cats find their favorite spots, a wonderful sequence of Kristy doing just that!
I sure do hope you leg gets better quickly! This weather is so beautiful.