Friday, June 25, 2010

New Arrivals

May I introduce to you...

the very sedate "Angus"....

and the very outgoing "Rosie"!!!

We have adopted these little cuties and, although they will never replace our dear Kristy,
they will certainly hold a sweet place in our hearts!
The adventure begins!!
By the way, their names come from characters in the 1970's British TV series
"Upstairs Downstairs" - the butler and the maid!
Does anybody remember it? One of our favorites!

And this is why I'm behind on my "Five Faces" series and everything else!!


Shell said...

Angus and Rosie are adorable. I'm sure Kristy would approve. I have been following your faces series, really great. I would get distracted too with those cuties running around.

Karen L R said...

I used to go down to my Grammie Lowry's house on Sunday nights to watch Upstairs Downstairs with her!
LOVE your kittens, and their names. I met Paula (aka Quiltcat) at the Vermont Quilt Festival yesterday. She is a sweetheart...maybe all three of us should meet up in Vermont next year?

Lyn said...

Oh both adorable! I love Rosies paws!
Yes I remember Upstairs Downstairs, they are about to do a new series over here in the UK!
Thank you for your coment on my blog too.

Gail P said...

how lovely! Ten years ago we adopted two furkids after the loss of Zeus and it was one of the best decisions we ever made.