Monday, May 7, 2012

Angus on the Porch

This afternoon I did a little gouache painting inspired by a photo of Angus as a kitten.
I was a bit careless about the background, eager to finish up and wanting to get it on my blog.

I've been inspired by Dana to attempt to paint every day in May. If you look at her blog you will see her joyful colors and spirited paintings. It feels good to be creative with a different medium than I usually use.
For some reason, I'm not really as concerned about perfection as I usually am. Letting the paint flow a bit and doing the best I can seems to satisfy me, and I look upon it as a process. Perhaps I'll try to complete one finished painting by the end of the month!

Hope your Monday has been productive and creative!

It was beautiful and sunny here - much appreciated!!


Libby Fife said...

That has a Matisse-like quality to it! And you even captured Angus's expression I think:)

Karen L R said...

letting go of perfection.

i like it.

and the painting.


Dana Barbieri said...

It is fantastic! I love that you are letting go of perfection. It is almost like there isn't even time to be perfect and it is freeing isn't it?

Elisa Choi said...

lovely way to go for your painting, Judy. Angus is lovely and what a feminine chair he sits on. keep it up!

Anne said...

Lovely, Judy! Congrats on picking up your paintbrush and on the successful Kidcasso event. Your display there was lovely.

Can't wait to see your next paintings!