Sunday, October 28, 2012

Before the Storm

I feel like yesterday was, possibly, the last beautiful day of autumn - sunny, breezy and lovely. Today has been  overcast, rainy and windy. Tomorrow...?
Who knows what hurricane Sandy will bring!

The press and weather stations predict a very serious storm, but can only make educated guesses as to where it will hit. Everyone I know is prepared as far as we can be, and hunkered down for whatever may come.

May all who are affected by this storm be safe.
And may everyone who reads this have a wonderful week! 


Anonymous said...

Stay safe Judy. We're supposed to see some heavy rains and wicked winds by Monday night.
Stay inspired!

Libby Fife said...

Goodness! A beautiful photo but you are in for some bad weather. Be safe and hunker down!

Simone said...

It has made our national news in the UK Judy! Keep safe and keep crafting and give those lovely kitties of yours a cuddle! x