Monday, July 13, 2015

Joy List Monday

Again, joining with Anne Butera at My Giant Strawberry, I'm making a joy list! What fun!

I'm finding joy in:

The warm sun
The turkey family that visited this week
The beautiful green that is all around
A weekend spent with my wonderful husband
The beautiful blue sky 
My love of creativity, which feeds my soul
and finally, getting back to blogging!

Here's wishing you a fabulous week as we all
Savor Summer!!


Karen L R said...

I am often struck by the summertime blue skies, green all around and white, white clouds. Such clear and gorgeous colors.

Love your list, Judy.

Happy savoring.


sharon said...

Your photo is full of light, Judy. Happy to see that your heart is also.

Libby Fife said...

Never hurts to add things up! Gorgeous flowers as always:)

Simone said...

Lovely flowers Judy! I love your lines of rainbow coloured writing too! Have a joy filled week! x

Jennifer Richardson said...

Hi Judy! So good to see you back blogging again
and enjoying this delicious joyful list:)
Stirs my joy, it does:)
Happy summering to you,

Anne Butera said...

Wonderful! Such joy!

Sorry I'm late stopping by.

Hope you're having a joy-filled, creative week with lots more to savor!