Saturday, November 12, 2016

AEDM Day 12

I've been taking a class in quilted collage for the last three weeks
and I'm just now finishing up this fabric landscape with some hand embroidery.

I'm planning to add some color in the foreground and some birds in the sky.
I love birds and have decided to add them to my work on a regular basis.

This tree in our backyard absolutely touches my soul at this time of year,
especially late in the day when the setting sun sets it aglow.
Our entire porch fills with golden color
and I feel like it's such a gift.

I hope that, if you're stopping by,
you are having a wonderful weekend!

1 comment:

Jennifer Richardson said...

Absolute gift, like you say.
Touches my heart just to see it.
I love your quilts and the creativity
you release into their beauty.
Thanks for sharing it here,