Tuesday, November 29, 2016

AEDM - Day 29, and Some Words about a Friend

I've been working steadily on cards and pictures for this coming weekend's show.
Today I worked on this little fabric landscape. Can you say French knots?

I've also been working on some printed cards as well as a few 
totally handmade cards. I'll share pictures soon. 


This week I received word that a good friend 
whom I've known for many years passed away 
after a hard battle with lung cancer.

Her name was Peggy and she was a wonderful mother who raised
two beautiful daughters by herself. She was also a dedicated teacher
and school principal who made a big impact on her students and her community.
I had lost contact with Peggy, but she sought me out a couple of years
ago and, after we reconnected, I remembered what a kind and generous 
person she was and what a wonderful sense of humor she had.
We saw each other again this summer - she went out of her way 
to see me and we had a lovely visit with her daughter and two of her grandchildren.
I'm writing this because I will miss her very much and I wish I had kept in 
touch with her over the years. I'm so glad that she found me again.

Her death reminds me not to take friendships for granted. There are so few people
we really connect with in the course of our lives, it is a shame to treat
these special relationships as anything less than the gifts they are.

I wish that I could tell her how grateful I am that she found me again.
Or maybe I just did.
I'll miss you, Peggy.


Amy Ropple said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Judy. Peggy must have been a true inspiration and a dear friend. Know you are treasured as just that, too!

Karen L R said...

Sending you love and comfort, Judy. Friendships are some of the bedrock of our lives. Good friends are special indeed. xo

sharon said...

There are Peggy fibers woven into your self-tapestry, Judy. Her passing pulls those a bit tighter across the weft of your heart.
Such a blessing to have reconnected this summer and refreshed and made new memories together.
Sending hugs.

Simone said...

I am sad to hear about the loss of your friend Judy. How wonderful that she made contact again and you could resume your friendship. x