Saturday, November 5, 2016

AEDM Day 5


She is warm and witty
and her  fiery hair is the outward manifestation
of an unexpectedly mischievous sense of humor.
She delights in surprises
and is known for leaving small gifts 
  on the doorsteps of those
who need a lift, some consolation, 
or even a tiny token of love.


sharon said...

Sounds like she's got a bit of you in her... especially that sparkle in the spirit.

Karen L R said...

oh I do love these wee portraits, judy!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love her:)
Such beauty, and your words are art.
Thanks for sharing her with us,

Simone said...

I love how you develop the characters Judy! Antoinette sounds as though she would make a great friend. She is so kind and thoughtful! x