Wednesday, April 5, 2017


I wanted to do a painted sketch of my grandfather today,
but, while this picture has some of his characteristics,
it is a younger and more simplistic version of him than I remember.
However, what I write about him does tell a bit of his story.

Grandpa Joe

He was a genial grandpa who smoked cigars, played the horses 
and called his bookie every day on the rotary phone on his hall table.
He stuffed our pockets with m&m's when we came to visit
and told us jokes and fantastical stories from his rocking chair in the living room.
His great grandchildren called him GG
and he had the same childlike sense of mischief that they had.
People said that he was a "character".
He never owned a car or learned to drive, so he took the streetcar to 
work every day and held an impressive position in his company.
He lived a very full life, 
charmed many people
and was a very colorful man.


sharon said...

I never knew my mother's father as he died when she was only 11. I do have a lovely photo of him and see some of my features in his face.
My father's father died when I was 12 but I have some very strong memories of him. He and three of his older brothers fled the old country when their father, the burgermeister of their village, was dragged through the streets until he died as their town and the lands surrounding it were overtaken. Not many years later Grandpa married the daughter of Kansas farmers and my father was born. Perhaps this is the root of my green thumb???
I am enjoying your faces, Judy. Looking forward to meeting many more.

Karen L R said...

Lovely to met you, GG.