Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I wanted to make a painted and stitched portrait today for my 100 Days of Faces project. 
As I worked, I thought it would be fun to photograph my process.

First I taped a piece of white cotton fabric to a piece of cardboard and mixed some acrylic 
paint with Golden fabric painting medium. I painted in a face and neck.

When that much had dried, I took it to the ironing board and pressed it. On the ironing
board, coincidentally, there happened to be a bit of this green paisley fabric and I thought it would make a pretty dress. I cut it quickly and used Pellon Wonder Under to adhere it.

I painted in eye blanks, and a vague nose and mouth.

I had some black paint, so that became her hair color...

and I gave her some eyebrows and eyeballs.

While painting her face, I got a little stain on the background fabric so I decided to paint the background. After that I added a few more details and beads. I had spent so much time on this already, I decided not to add any stitching. I named her Lois because she reminds me a bit of one of my mother's friends when I was a kid.
So much for my "process"! The dress fabric was chosen by coincidence, hair color decided at the last second, and background painted because of a stain. Just a bit haphazard!!

Thanks for visiting!
Hope you're having a great day!


Karen L R said...

process is what brings our projects to life...no judgement, buddy. this is really wonderful! thanks for sharing.

sharon said...

I'm starting to think that coincidence may be that we are hearing what the universe is suggesting, seeing what's being offered, letting the light shine.
Always a pleasure to watch over your shoulder, Judy.