Sunday, May 28, 2017

What I've been Up To...

 Hello again!
Although I haven't posted here for a few days,
I have been working on faces!
This is Randall...

Since he is Felice's best friend, I put them together in my sketchbook.

Julie was originally done as a line drawing,
but I added color for another day's drawing.

And Enid, whom I had originally drawn with her hair in curlers,
now is shown in the morning with her curly hairdo!

Both images are side by side in my book.

And young Mary...

is placed beside her older sister Margie.
Hope they get along with each other!

Finally Marian, done as a pencil sketch,
rounded off my week.

I've come to look forward to making a face, a person.
a bit of a story each day.
I wonder what I'll attempt when this 100 day project 
is finished!

Maybe some stitching?
We'll see!

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend!


sharon said...

Oh I do love your pencil sketches, Judy. And I get a kick out of your placing certain personalities on facing pages. Loved seeing Enid in curlers and out of them. Such a hoot! Have to congratulate you on this continuing project. We're certainly enjoying it....
Hope you have a good holiday today, taking a little quiet time.

Karen L R said...

I second everything that Sharon said!
We've been up to our eyeballs in wedding prep and yard work, so I have not been as faithful with my comments, but I do love to see your progress with this project. I love how you are really sticking with it and continuing to find new ideas. So well done, Judy!

Simone said...

I like how you are putting people in pairs facing each other in the sketch book! Enid reminds me of a story: My Aunt's friend Brenda went out for the day with her her husband. They went to the butchers shop and for a ride around the coast and all over town. When they arrived home Brenda realized that she had kept her curlers in all day! When she asked her husband why he hadn't said anything he said he hadn't noticed!!! x