Saturday, September 15, 2007

Back to Blogging!

After over a month's absence, I'm back to blogging again! I've spent a lot of time reading other blogs and trying to decide in which direction I want to go - more fabric art and less craft, or vice versa? I finally came to the conclusion that I don't have enough fun with crafts. I made a list of things I want to make and discovered that most of them are crafts. My arts and crafts society has two sales coming up and that is a great incentive to get going!

Here's a kitty I made a while back, and on which I recently embroidered a little face. I did make the pattern myself and would be happy to share it, if anyone would like it. Next on my list are some fabric and felt magnets. The weather is (for now, anyway) turning cooler here in New England and it's a great time to sit out on my little screened-in porch and do some stitching!


Tea Time and Roses said...

You know Judy as I read this I thought of myself... I just could not put a finger on what I wanted my blog to do! All knitting, sewing, papercrafts or what. So many blogs seem to be so specialized in one way or another. Now I do whatever suits my fancy, and I am a lot happier! You have been blessed with many talents and we should not have to them all! Follow your heart and be happy about all the talents you clearly have!!



Meg said...

Your kitty is so sweet, I'd love to have a pattern. I am just like you, too many decisions. I actually get stressed out, omg what shall I do next? A little voice in my head tries to hold me back so I must remember, "Quality, NOT quantity." LOL