Saturday, July 30, 2011

Favorites at MoMA

Some of my favorite paintings at the Museum of Modern Art in New York:

Anna Zborowska by Amedeo Modigliani

Cat and Bird by Paul Klee

Two Paintings by Vincent Van Gogh

Goldfish and Palette by Henri Matisse

I and The Village by Marc Chagall

A Girl at her Mirror by Pablo Picasso

Repose by Pablo Picasso

There were so many more, but these are some of my favorite artists!

Well, we are certainly into the dead heat of the summer here in New England,
but there is a nice breeze today which lessens the impact.

Recently, I found this beautiful lacy blossom alongside the supermarket parking lot.

Is it a weed? I really don't know.
Or Queen Ann's Lace?
Whatever it is, I felt that I had found beauty
and couldn't resist plucking it from a weedy patch!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Proud Day

My husband and I have just returned from a trip to NY City where we previewed a new exhibit at MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art. The exhibit is called 'Talk to Me' and our daughter Kate's work is in it! The exhibit explores computers, devices, environments and communication.
The weather was sizzling, the streets were busy, but our entire focus was on getting to MoMA.

Once there, we were excited to see the design aspects of the exhibit,

The corridor was lined with monitors showing fascinating projects

and in the center of the main room were two of Kate's hats, the Muttering Hat and the Talk to Yourself Hat.  Always an out-of-the box thinker, Kate brings humor to questions of communication and socialization through her various devices, while seriously considering the relationships between things and people.

Also on exhibit was a group project she co-created called Botanicalls. If you follow this link be sure to click on "classic" to see a clever "newsreel".

I've seen these projects many times, but seeing them in a museum setting moved me to tears! Can't help it - I'm a proud mom!
Kate is currently a professor at OCAD university in Toronto, just finished directing a summer program at New York University and this past March gave a TED talk in California.

As we left the museum and went on to other adventures, we bid a fond

Such a memorable experience!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Art With a Heart

Recently I was searching for paper artists online, and I came across the beautiful work of  cut paper artist Vanessa Stone. After looking at her creations, I went to her blog and read about an idea she had to give away a piece of her artwork in exchange for the recipient donating something to a favorite charity!

I was fortunate enough to be the first to respond, and received this lovely papercut all the way from England!! In return, I am making a donation to my local food pantry, which is always in need of support.

I think this is a fantastic idea, and I urge my readers to visit Vanessa'sblog, see her wonderful work, and look forward to her next gift offering, which she hopes to do monthly.

Many thanks, Vanessa!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Images of Cape Cod

While I was on Cape Cod this week, I snapped a lot of pictures. 
These are some of my favorites:

At the Seashore

An Abundance of Flowers

Janice's Summer House

Collected Seashells, Sea Glass and Stones

And a Gift for my Hostess

(The four shell buttons in the nest represent Janice's four sons.)

A very lovely visit!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Visit to Old Cape Cod

I have just spent a wonderful three days on Cape Cod with two dear friends.
We visited a lavender farm in a town called Harwich,
walked through fields of lavender,

and, in the woods, saw a little, child-sized castle,

behind which little girls were building a fairy house out of leaves!

After our walk, a visit to the gift shop, a tiny building, was a treat!

More about my Cape adventure coming soon!

Monday, July 4, 2011

A Colorful Experience!

First off, today is Independence Day here in the USA
and I'd like to wish everyone a very 
Happy 4th of July!     

Next, I want to tell you about a wonderful experience I had recently.

My husband and I went to the Chihuly glass exhibit 
at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
We were unprepared for the explosion of color and artistry that greeted us!

A huge glass sculpture greeted us when we entered the museum's new wing,

and above us was a row of gorgeous, lighted glass windows.

Room after room was filled with beautiful collections of colorful blown glass sculptures,

as well as beautiful, luminescent chandeliers!

But my favorite room was the one in which the entire ceiling was a glowing glass canopy!

It was a great experience seeing such amazing color and artwork.
I'll write more about the new wing
and the Art of the Americas exhibits in my next post!