Monday, February 14, 2011

Stop and Smell the Roses!

Just sending out wishes to everyone who stops by
for a very happy Valentines Day!!
This is the card I made for my husband, a fabric picture 
of the Kids (as he calls them!).

Angus cannot resist investigating

and smelling my Valentine roses!!!

I love you all, my blogging friends. I'm always thrilled to get comments and to read your blogs.
I always wanted to have a penpal when I was a girl,
and now I feel that I have such friends all over our country and in other parts of the world!

Hope everyone has a lovely day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Just a Few Things...

February has always seemed like kind of a dark month to me, and this winter has certainly had its challenges! Here in New England, we're buried in snow, have leaky roofs from ice dams and are now going through some truly freezing weather! 
But there are always ways to create mid-winter cheeriness
with color and comforting things!
I received this wonderful hand cut valentine from my clever friend Elaine! She tells me that, at one time, some men's neckties had designs like this. I can't imagine what would be written on a necktie these days!
I recently purchased this book, after perusing its pages for just a few minutes! A really spontaneous purchase! Maybe it was the phrase "25 Heartfelt Projects" on the cover, or maybe it was some of the sweet projects and photos within:
I love the combination of quilting, embroidery and beading here,
and the wool applique combined with quilting here.
It's a bit late to start projects for Valentine's Day, but I think this book will provide me with plenty of gift ideas to use throughout the year.
I'm still recovering from the surgery I had at the beginning of February. Apparently it was a difficult surgery - the gland  was quite inflamed - and the area is still swollen. Today I put on makeup, felt great and went out for brunch with a friend. An hour later I was in pain again. So, this is definitely a time for patience. I'm trying to live in the moment, enjoy being indoor with the kitties, and work on a few low-key projects. I hope to share some of my landscapes soon.
Spreading out fabrics, embroidery threads, beads and fibers is always uplifting to me!

I hope that everyone who reads this has a wonderful weekend!
I certainly intend to!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hearts and Flowers

With Valentine's Day approaching, I took out some of my favorite papers and fabrics, preparing to make some special cards. As I grow older, I find myself attracted more and more to the color pink or soft rose. In my stash there are plenty of examples of this color, in various prints and patterns, so I don't have to buy a thing! This is always an enjoyable part of February for me.
And in the spirit of Valentine's Day, my friend Andrea sent me some wonderful photos of a tree in a neighboring town which is decorated every year with handmade hearts. The tree stands in front of a church and gladdens the hearts of all who see it! A great idea for any tree - I've thought of trying it myself!
Tree Photos by Andrea Willey

And I just have to add these funny photos of the kitties.
Today, as I came into the living room, I caught sight of this display.
No, Rosie is not falling out of the bed -
She is sleeping this way,
and stayed like this for about twenty minutes!!
You could say that she was just
"Hanging Out"!
(Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Hope everyone has a great week!