Monday, February 7, 2011

Hearts and Flowers

With Valentine's Day approaching, I took out some of my favorite papers and fabrics, preparing to make some special cards. As I grow older, I find myself attracted more and more to the color pink or soft rose. In my stash there are plenty of examples of this color, in various prints and patterns, so I don't have to buy a thing! This is always an enjoyable part of February for me.
And in the spirit of Valentine's Day, my friend Andrea sent me some wonderful photos of a tree in a neighboring town which is decorated every year with handmade hearts. The tree stands in front of a church and gladdens the hearts of all who see it! A great idea for any tree - I've thought of trying it myself!
Tree Photos by Andrea Willey

And I just have to add these funny photos of the kitties.
Today, as I came into the living room, I caught sight of this display.
No, Rosie is not falling out of the bed -
She is sleeping this way,
and stayed like this for about twenty minutes!!
You could say that she was just
"Hanging Out"!
(Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

Hope everyone has a great week!


Pam Perras said...

Your kitties are hilarious. I love seeing them. Thanks for sharing the heart tree photos; it would be cheery to come upon a tree like that, this snowy winter. Enjoy making your own hearts! said...

I LOVE the heart tree. I have the inside of my house decorated but a tree full of hearts is a fine idea.

Terri Stegmiller said...

What a fun and colorful tree. Your babies are getting so big. They are so sweet....and funny! Happy Valentine's Judy!

Simone said...

The photos are beautiful. I love the heart tree - such a wonderful idea! Cats never fail to amuse us do they? Rosie looks so flexible and relaxed just 'hanging out'! x

Karen L R said...

that rosie-girl, she is such a character! and i LOVE the heart tree.

Beatriz said...

Lovely photos of heart trees and these kitties of the heart.

Libby Fife said...

What a sweet assortment of materials. Good for you for having such a lovely stash of supplies.

Those kitties are just too wonderful:)

Anne Butera said...

Totally hilarious photos of the kitties. Cats sure do the silliest things.

I LOVE that heart tree. How cheerful and fun. Thanks so much for sharing it.

Your Valentine's Day cards will be beautiful. I plan to make some, too. Guess I better get busy.