Friday, November 30, 2007

Getting into the Spirit

Just hung the wreath on our front door and got a little thrill from that first bit of decorating! Taking
out the decorations, turning them over in my hands and remembering where each came from is such a lovely part of the season. Lights are starting to appear in windows and all sorts of ornaments adorn front lawns. It's fun to see how different people express their feelings about the season. For me, listening to a Perry Como Christmas CD in my car and going to a holiday craft fair is enough to give me a warm feeling. The weatherman tells us we may have snow this weekend - a perfect backdrop for festive decorations!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

To all of my family and friends, and to all who may happen upon my blog today, I wish you happiness and peace on this beautiful holiday! Here's to a grateful heart and an appreciation of all that we have, whatever it may be!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Fall in New England

What a day! Leaves are blowing and drifting, trees are becoming bare, and this all results in a blanket of yellow on everyone's lawn!
Like most people in this part of the world, my husband and I spent today doing lawn work. Bill raked leaves and I cut back our front bushes and cleaned up the perennial beds.

Here are a few of the trees around our yard which have yet to release their glorious leaves. More work for the future, but for now, so much beauty to enjoy!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Little Comforts

It's coming up to six months since my mother and dad passed away, their deaths occurring less than a year after my brother Joe died. There are certainly ups and downs in the process of grieving - waves of emotion when you least expect them, memories triggered by everyday occurrences or sights . So, when I saw this little book in Borders book store, it seemed like something that would be helpful and, well, comforting. It's a lovely book, with quotations, prayers and poems for all sorts of situations, and I love the sweet illustration on the cover.

There have been bright spots, too, during this healing time. My mom was a prolific house plant gardener, always able to start a new plant from a cutting, a leaf or a root. I, on the other hand, feel slightly squeamish when given a plant! Will this plant survive under my care, I wonder. A green thumb I do not have!

So, I was happily surprised when one of the plants I had taken from my parents' apartment began to bloom recently and I recognized it as my mom's Christmas cactus!!! How many years had I marveled at the beauty of this plant. I'm sure this is an offshoot of her original gigantic plant, but I feel so honored to have it! I feel like she's saying, "I'm still here, bringing beauty and comfort to your life! But, please, don't forget to water me!"

I'm pretty sure I can hear her laughing.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Oak Leaf Table Runner

I made this table runner in a class given by my friend, Carol MacDougall. It involved a lot of cutting, fusing and machine applique, but I just love the colors and patterns of the fabrics which were picked out by Carol and assembled into kits. It was fun to let someone else make the choices and to simply follow directions! I usually design most of what I make, but the class was relaxing and enjoyable, and it's always great to pull this piece out in the Fall.
Time to start some holiday crafts for gifts and for sale! I'm way behind!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

My Family

I have a great family - I'm so fortunate. Here we are at my nephew's wedding in September.
Bill is very patient about my projects scattered all over the house. If the dining table is stacked with fabric, batting, scissors and what-all, and I apologize, he'll jokingly say, "I see nothing!!"
Our daughter, Kate, lives in New York City and works at NYU. She is a creative force, making technical artwork and installations, a graduate of the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. Much of her work incorporates her quirky sense of humor and always reflects her interest in ways of communicating.
My life is blessed in so many ways, but I feel especially lucky to have such a loving support system in my family. This is what inspires my art and crafts and allows me to try new things.
What could be more important?