Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sewing Landscapes!

As I prepare for a show in October, I've been busy, busy, busy, sewing and framing landscapes. Here are a few in-progress photos…

I did this picture last year, but added a few more touches, as well as a linen mat and a frame.

This is an older picture which, again, I touched up and matted, and I will add a frame.

I'm sewing some French knot flowers in the foreground here - again it will have a mat and frame.

This picture combines faux suede, cotton and kimono fabric scraps. I'm keeping it pretty simple. 

This is the lace tree from my last post. I need to add a few more touches to this.

I worked for years in art and framing galleries and my experience is coming in handy lately.
This is my trusty hand mat cutter. It does a good job and I have a lot of mat board scraps to use.

There are a few more pictures which I'll show later. The show is October 15, so I'm in pretty good shape. I keep saying that this is the last show I'll do, with landscapes at least. They are a lot of work! What I'm looking forward to doing is more fun things - little stitched sketches, some collages, maybe a doll or two? I do have a little crafty addition I'm working on for this show - I'll post pictures next time!

I hope that everyone who reads this is enjoying these final days of summer.
Coming up - my favorite season:
Have a great rest of the week!!