Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ready for Their Close-Ups!

Like so many people, I'm bustling around preparing for Christmas. But I thought I'd
 take a moment to share close-up photos of some of the pictures I did 
for a recent exhibit.

Fused fabric, French knots, favorite colors of mine...

Fused fabrics, beading and French knots...

Fused fabrics, hand embroidery and beading...

Fused fabrics and beading...

More fused fabrics and hand embroidery!

These pictures are very small - most are about 5 inches wide.
I was looking for a way to allow them to stand up on a shelf, without 
using an easel, so I decided to experiment with some of the clear plastic
frameless frames I had around the house. 
I made the picture, mounted on black felt, a bit larger than the frame,
then stitched a second piece of felt to the back, leaving the bottom unstitched.
It formed a pocket to slip over the whole frame, leaving only the 
plastic stand showing!

Here are a few in a little grouping on my kitchen counter!
Just a little pop of color!

Thanks for visiting!
Hope you are enjoying the season and are not too stressed!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hello Again!

I feel like I've been largely absent from the blogging world lately, which is a shame. I've made such good friends here and I don't want to lose all of you! Recently I've been preparing for an exhibit which took place last weekend. When I'm engrossed in creating new work I tend to isolate myself and become super-focused, to the point where laundry and grocery shopping, blogging and emailing take second place in my mind. I really need to find a balance!

I decided to try something different for this show, which was put on by our Arts Collaborative. I made some small pieces that stand alone on their own little easels. There is a lot of detail in each of these, and I like the way they provide a little pop of color on a shelf or ledge and brighten up a dark corner.

You can see how small they are in this photo of my exhibit space. I really do love small things!

Here is one picture which sold, with french knot foliage and fused fabric details. The vase of flowers above is tiny, and I'm glad it didn't sell, because it makes me smile when I see it on a ledge in my kitchen.  I'll share more close-ups of other pieces in future posts.

Now that the show is over, I'm back to getting ready for Christmas and the Holidays, which are coming up soon. I'll be coming over to check out your blogs. Hope everyone is doing well!! Take care...