Saturday, August 4, 2018

Things to Come

Hello Friends!
I'm writing this as though someone is reading it, although it seems that I've lost most of my readers by leaving this poor blog neglected. Too many irons in the fire is my excuse, with Instagram and another blog about my stitching group (hop over there if you want to see some beautiful handwork) as well as Facebook distracting me.
But then yesterday I went over to visit my friend Simone's blog and some of her links and remembered how enjoyable blogging can be. Thanks, Simone!

This morning was very dark and rainy - the kind of day when you need to turn the lights on,
which can be cozy, but it is also extremely hot and humid.
 I'm grateful that our air conditioning is back in service now after some mice built a nest in the electrical box in the outside compressor and gnawed through one of the wires! All fixed now, thank goodness.
This is our dining room which looks out on the porch. Over the table is my mom's chandelier, a bit outdated, but which I love as it reminds me of her. On the table is a stack of fabrics which I recently washed and pressed and will soon cut up for a lap quilt. Things to come!!

Also, here are some fabrics I'm looking at for a new blog header design. I want to reconfigure my blog, but I'm pretty inept. I always struggle with Blogger, but I'll see what I can come up with.

I love this:

We'll see what happens!

Love to all who read this!

Judy xo