Thursday, March 31, 2011

Felt Daffodil Tutorial

I'd like to share this design with you - a pattern I created many years ago. It can be 
made with paper or felt, but I thought felt would be best for this tutorial. Please feel free to 
print and enlarge the pattern and use it however you'd like!

You will need: yellow and green felt, flower stamens (from a craft store),
 craft glue, a needle and yellow thread, and green florist's tape

First, cut the pattern out of yellow felt, using pinking shears where indicated.
Cut an X in the center of the blossom.

You'll also need 4 stamens, twisted together, from a craft supply store.

Put some craft glue on the bottom of the trumpet piece, lay the stamens on it 
and have your needle and thread ready.

Pinch the sides of the trumpet together and slip stitch the entire side closed. You can 
then pinch the bottom even more and shape and open the trumpet with your fingers.

Slip the bottom of the trumpet through the X in the blossom and pull it up.


Wind florist's tape around the bottom of the trumpet and the stamens.
If you would like the stems to be longer, twist a piece of cloth covered wire
around the bottoms of the stamens before wrapping in florist's tape.

You could pin one daffodil to your lapel with a corsage pin, 
or cluster a few together for a bouquet as I did.

I found a perfect little pot to put my bouquet in, after cutting a few narrow
green leaves from felt, and I held the bouquet straight in the pot by adding a few 
pebbles for stability.

This is only my second tutorial. My first was for a lace bird, which I made back 
in 2009. I enjoy creating my own patterns and designs and
hope to make more and share them with you. Hope this one was 
clear and that you'll try a daffodil or two for yourself!!

Happy Creating!

Friday, March 25, 2011

A Sunny Day

Although it has been in the mid thirties all day,
the sun was strong and the kitties found the sunniest spots in the house!

Angus wriggled with joy on a dining room chair

while Rosie slipped between the vertical blinds
 and spent the morning on the front window sill.

I managed to scoop Angus up for a photo with me,

but Rosie was elusive, as always.
It looks like she put herself in a corner, but I guess she felt cozy
in this little spot on the chair when the sun shifted away from the window!

Here's wishing everyone a great weekend!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Comfort of Creativity

Today I had a tooth pulled. Just imagine - it has been in my mouth for over 50 years and today someone pulled it out in less than a minute. Yes, it was in the very back corner of my mouth, cracked and infected and beyond hope, but I actually felt sad to lose it forever. I haven't lost a tooth since I had my wisdom teeth removed at 19.
On the way home, numb with novocaine, I treated myself to a tiny bit of retail therapy.

A small pad of scrapbook paper (this photo doesn't do justice to the colors)
and a little canister of half-size colored pencils,
plucked from the stationery department of a discount store. Cost? Less than five dollars!

I sat down and decided to use the limited color pallette of the paper pad,
 designed a little cut paper whimsy, and did the cutting while
watching tv after dinner.

The result - an impromptu spring design, and I'm feeling no pain.
Creativity is a wonderful distraction!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome Spring!

Today was a sunny day, a good setting for the first day of spring. 
The air was chilly as Bill and I set off for a walk 
along the edge of the lake in our town. 

Looking up, we could see buds on some trees, and the sky was a brilliant blue.

I could imagine the transformation that will soon occur, as the neutral landscape
 transforms into every possible shade of green.

In one place, a trail led to a small patch of beach, where a mom and her child sat on the cold sand.

Like all of us, I'm sure they felt the hope and expectation in the air ~
warmth, growth and pleasurable days to come.

Welcome Spring!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Reasons to Celebrate

My heart is happy with the sunny weather we're experiencing, Spring is right around the corner, and Rosie and Angus are celebrating their first birthday!! A year ago these little guys were born in an empty garage and abandoned (they are not siblings and Angus is a couple of weeks older) but our local PAWS organization rescued them  and they went to a wonderful foster home until they were old enough for adoption. PAWS had an adoption event at our veterinarians office and there we fell in love with little Rosie. Angus had already been put in a foster home, where we saw him shyly hanging back while other  kitties chased a toy. They were both so cute back then, and it has been a rewarding adventure bringing them up to this point.
                           Baby Rosie and Little Angus

Now they are a year old and into everything -
I caught Angus hanging over the stair railing the other day,

while Rosie looked startled as I caught her scurrying up from downstairs!

Outside, the snow is about 99.9% gone, a random patch of white still hanging on in shady places,
but Spring is definitely in the air! And everyone is more than ready for it after a long winter!

When I next post here, it will be the first day of a new season!
Have a lovely weekend!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Day of Silence


Like most other people, my heart is heavy these days as I see the news reports about the horrifying  disasters in Japan. I'll be observing the Bloggers Day of Silence tomorrow, which I found out about on Lyn's blog. You can learn more about it here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Things to Come

It's been a rainy day here in New England, but despite the gloominess, 
I still managed to get myself out to the gym this morning!
The kitties were hunkered down on the guest room bed,

and still there when I returned. 

I think they have the right idea!

I've been a bit sluggish with my blog lately, not for lack of interest, but rather because I've been  renewing my desire to make art with fabric and thinking out what I want to create. I've decided to begin with a series of landscapes.
 My usual method of making a picture in one sitting and then sewing it immediately wasn't really working for me. Like many artists, I would be dissatisfied with the finished product and that would hold me back from starting something new. Where is the joy in that?
So I'm taking a different approach.
I've been slowly setting up a few pictures, pinning them up on a design board - a piece of foam core which I can move from room to room - and letting them sit, adding elements from time to time, but mainly just living with them while letting them develop slowly. It's almost a meditative process, working slowly, and reflectively and I'm hoping to come up with some good pieces in the end.

With the recent rain, we are finally seeing an end to the snow ( we hope! ) and I think it's about time to change my blog's snowy banner! So, soon there will be a new look here at Hartfelt,
some new work to show,
and always new pictures of Mr. Angus and Miss Rosie!

I know we are all thinking of those who lost their lives in the tsunami today, 
and all those who were affected by it.

May everyone who reads this have a happy and safe weekend.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Angus and Rosie: The Saga Continues...

Rosie loves to squeeze between the plants on her way to the window sill...

and Angus looks very serious, wondering who that is looking over his shoulder!

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Birthday Love

Thirty years ago today, a beautiful light came into our lives.
 Funny, smart, inventive, creative, savvy, kind, 
thoughtful, independent, resourceful,
loving daughter:
We celebrate you today!
Happy, Happy Birthday, Kate!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March!

Recently, the fragrance of a hyacinth plant in the supermarket stirred up a strong yearning in me for green grass, leaves and flowers. I settled for my favorite plant - miniature daffodils, wrapped in the brightest of yellow papers.

Of course, Miss Rosie had to investigate....

and later, Angus wondered what was under the soil.

And, although we had another 5 inches of snow last week...

I can see that the forsythia bush outside my porch window
 is busily preparing
to sprout new blossoms when the weather cooperates.
All things in due time,
but meanwhile I think I'll cut a few branches,
 bring them inside,
and enjoy a pre-Spring showing  when
they burst into bloom!

Wishing everyone a happy March !!!