Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Comfort of Creativity

Today I had a tooth pulled. Just imagine - it has been in my mouth for over 50 years and today someone pulled it out in less than a minute. Yes, it was in the very back corner of my mouth, cracked and infected and beyond hope, but I actually felt sad to lose it forever. I haven't lost a tooth since I had my wisdom teeth removed at 19.
On the way home, numb with novocaine, I treated myself to a tiny bit of retail therapy.

A small pad of scrapbook paper (this photo doesn't do justice to the colors)
and a little canister of half-size colored pencils,
plucked from the stationery department of a discount store. Cost? Less than five dollars!

I sat down and decided to use the limited color pallette of the paper pad,
 designed a little cut paper whimsy, and did the cutting while
watching tv after dinner.

The result - an impromptu spring design, and I'm feeling no pain.
Creativity is a wonderful distraction!


Anonymous said...

Yes, creativity is a wonderful distraction :). Hope your gap heals up nicely.
Stay inspired!

Karen L R said...

Well Judy, your poor mouth has had quite a spell of upset! I do hope things are feeling better.

Your lovely paper cutting is full of the softness of spring. I will come back and look at it again this afternoon when it starts snowing...


Libby Fife said...

Just like going to the dime store! Remember that?

I hope you feel better. Modern dentistry is such a miracle:):):)

Anne Butera said...

Glad you're distracting yourself with creativity. Love your cut paper design!

Hope you feel lots better soon.

She Who Doodles said...

you went for the best cure of all, shopping and creative adventure. smart girl. hope your feeling better. try ice cream.

Judy Hartman said...

Thank you all for your good wishes! I'm happy to say there is no pain and I'm healing quickly!

tea time and roses said...

Hope you are feeling much better dear Judy. Nothing like a little crafting to get your mind off things, and certainly loving your Spring design.:o)

Happy Spring to you! Continue to enjoy a lovely week.



quiltcat said...

Hi Judy. Sounds like you found the best possible cure for any post-pull pain! I know what you mean about grieving the loss of a tooth that you've spent so much time with...still regret letting my dentist talk me into having a tooth pulled instead of getting a crown fitted. Your papercut is gorgeous...c'mon Spring!

Simone said...

Beautiful cut paperwork Judy. I hope your tooth problems are over now so you can concentrate on being creative without it just being a distraction for pain!!! x