Saturday, May 17, 2008

More Fused Flowers!

Here I am again, with another fused bouquet! These flowers were hand cut from polished cotton backed with Wonder Under. The crisp fabric was a joy to cut.  
Right now I'm working on a fabric "house portrait", but this time it's a picture of a school. A lady in New York asked me to make it for a teacher who is retiring. I'll share a photo of the finished picture when it is finished.

I recently realized that I'm not that far away from writing my 100th post!! I think I'll have a give-away in honor of it, and this time I'll have something handmade for the winner!
Stay tuned!


Kari & Kijsa said...

Lovely! Another beautiful day here! hope yours is wonderful!!

kari & kijsa

KJ said...

I'm awaiting my tutorial! You make it look so easy!

Hope you are having a cooler spring day! It is sweltering here!

Love, KJ

sparkle jars said...

Beautiful flowers, beautiful colors!

Claudia said...

Hello Judy,
this is an amazing work! Very beautiful! And all made of fabric!

Thank you for your lovely comment you left in my blog!
Kind regards from


Claudia said...

Oh, it's me again! - Five minutes ago , I found this in the design blog of Camilla Engman:

It is a contest for decorating tea towels with stitches, appliquée, quilting, etc.
Maybe you could participate? (You have a fine blog and do great work!)

KJ said...

Just checking in. How's life and beauty and creativity and all that good stuff?

I miss you!