Thursday, May 8, 2008

Flowers for Mom

My mother was a wonderful woman and a dear friend. This will be a sad first Mother's Day without her. After she died last summer, while we were cleaning out her home, I came across a box of cards I had made for her for various occasions over the years. This Mother's Day card was among them.
My mom never wanted a fuss made over her, and on this particular year she insisted that we should not send flowers. So, instead, I made this card for her with this verse inside:

You said, "Don't send me flowers!"
So what were we to do?
We couldn't picture Mother's Day
Without blossoms for you.
So here's a little bouquet
With flowers that won't grow old,
Sent with all the loving thoughts
A little card can hold.

She loved it, and every year after that, we insisted upon a real bouquet for her.
Miss you, Mom.


StegArt said...

A very lovely card and wonderful memories.

Anonymous said...

This will be my 3rd Mothers Day without my Mom. The first year is the hardest. Every holiday is a reminder of what you have lost. Its a relief when the firsts are over.

KJ said...