Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lovely Mail!

Recently, I ordered a print and some magnets from Ellia Hill at Greenbeanbaby. Her ideas and artwork bring forth a spontaneous response from me - a smile, a giggle and a lightness of heart! 
Cloaked in cuteness, her characters have their own little sweetness and a hint of slyness, and the many details in each picture are delightful. My print is called 'Margaret and her cat, Millie', and the magnets - little fairies with beehive hairdos - are too adorable!
Along with my order, Ellia very generously included some wonderful fabrics and papers which I will put to good use! 
Can't wait to frame the print for my studio!


greenbeanbaby said...

so glad you liked it all!!! biggest hugs to you!! and CONGRATS ON 31 YEARS OF MARRIAGE!!!! that is AWESOME!!!!! and the atcs are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! wow, so much goodness :D

happy paper crafting!t

KJ said...

Oh, these are FUN! You just gotta love the redhead in the teacup! I will have to check out her site!

Glad to see YOU back!