Monday, January 12, 2009

*Make Something Monday*

Today I made a wool picture.
I love birds, trees and leaves as design elements, and, using wool pieces I'd washed in hot water, I cut some shapes directly from them. 
I decided to arrange these pieces on a square of wool and hand stitched the pieces down with embroidery thread.
A few beads added some glitz...
And now, it's ready to make into a little pillow.
A one day project, a little gift to tuck away for someone special!


StegArt said...

What a cute birdie! Reminds me of spring.....wish it was here.

KJ said...

I am so into birds! I have liked them as design elements in the past, but I adore them now. My home is filling up with the little creatures! Love bringing the outdoors, indoors!

It seems that my blogging has been sluggish. Just as soon as I think I have a moment to relax, something comes up that causes me to sidestep. It feels so good to be here today. I really love your heart!

Oh happy day!

KJ said...

P.S. If you ever decide to sell this piece, please let me know first.


Anonymous said...

Oh that's darling!

Pat said...

Love the sweet little bird on a branch! And, the houses in your previous post are fabulous!!!! Pat

summer girl said...

This is just SO pretty, Judy...I think you do birds as well as you do faces!

quiltcat said...

wonderful bird! he's cute all by himself and the embellishment really makes it sparkle.