Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Blooms and Landscape in Process

Yesterday we were thrilled to see our amaryllis, a Christmas gift from my sister Carol, burst into bloom. The color is luscious - my photo doesn't do it justice!

I've done a bit of work on my landscape, using some sheer printed fabric on the 'forest' floor.
I fused the sheer fabric with Mistyfuse - my first time using this product. I followed directions from the Mistyfuse Tip Sheet posted by Sue and Terri on their website, Two Creative Studios, under 'Free Projects', using a teflon sheet and parchment paper as directed. I've always used Wonder Under before this, but I love the way the Mistyfuse did not leave a shiny finish with the sheer fabric! I had purchased this sheer green toile fabric years ago, thinking I could use it in all sorts of landscapes, but never did until my introduction to Mistyfuse. I'm a convert!
My next step will be to machine quilt the whole background, then add the trees and foliage.


StegArt said...

Those blossoms are gorgeous! I'm so happy you are converted now Judy...LOL!

summer girl said...

first...the amarylis is beautiful...perhaps you could capture that beauty on fabric?
second...the difference with the new fused fabric is subtle, but remarkable...
you're a genius!

Judy Hartman said...

You're so sweet, but I am far from being a genius!!!
Just trying to catch up on some of the latest products!
But thanks for saying it!!!

sparkle jars said...

I am loving what you are doing with fused fabrics. The bloom is beautiful.

seriously amused said...

You have a lovely blog.

By the way, my name is also Judy.