Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Odds and Ends

I had told you recently that my husband and I spent part of our "staycation" working on some new railings we had had installed in our home. Here they are, dazzlingly stained and polyurethaned by us! When we were younger, we were landlords for a few years, and did a great deal of  painting and wallpapering. Now, many years later, work like this is accompanied by a fair share of aches and pains! But it felt good to get it done!

Recently, Gayle at Sparkle Jars tagged me to do a meme, naming seven "not obvious"things that I love. Here they are:
1. A great conversation
2. Illustrated children's books
3. The smell of fresh cut grass
4. the first cup of coffee in the morning
5. A freshly ironed blouse
6. A hand-written letter
7. Staying at a Bed and Breakfast

Of course, there are so many more! I'm inviting anyone who reads this to name their own favorites - it's an enjoyable exercise!

And, last of all, I've added a new little papercutting to my other blog, if you care to look.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Have fun!


quiltcat said...

The stair rails look great, Judy! Nice to do that kind of work and be able to enjoy the fruits of it (instead of only doing it when one is about to put the house on the market). I like your 7 not-obvious things meme, too...i unconsciously came up with some very similar responses.

Judy Hartman said...

Thanks, Paula. Yes, it is good to be able to enjoy our handiwork!
Nice to know that we have similar favorite things!
You should do your own!

sparkle jars said...

The hand railings are beautiful...and the photograph is very interesting as well (inspiration for a quilt) :-).
We have so much in common...I enjoy all seven of your "not so obvious" choices. I collect children's books as well as a small collection of elementary school text books from the
40's-60's. I sent an email reply to your kind offer. If you don't get it, let me know and I'll find another way to reply. Thank you! Gayle

Lyn said...

Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog, It was much apreciated.