Saturday, July 18, 2009

Scissors, Anyone?

I've been very busy with my studio organizing project, and have decided to store some of my favorite scissors in this handy make-up caddy! It's pretty heavy lucite, so it doesn't tip over with the weight of the scissors, and I've cut some 'fun foam' to fit the bottom of each section to provide cushioning for the points!
I'm doing the "big dig" this time, going down deeper than I ever have to get rid of materials I don't use or need anymore. I'm being helped by Life Coach/ cheerleader Sallie Felton who helps me decide on daily goals to keep things moving. Right now I'm tackling boxes (and  boxes!) of fabric and finding people who can use what I don't want. So far I have been able to give away a few boxes and it feels good! I'm also planning to use Freecycle as I go along.
What I'm getting rid of is small prints and a lot of the "landscape" fabrics I've used for many years. (foliage, wood, stone looking designs.) I'm ready to move on to hand painting my own fabrics for the most part, and using them in my work. If there is anyone who reads this and can use that type of fabric (landscape-ish), send me an email (address is on the side of my blog) and we could work out mailing arrangements.

Hope everyone is having a grand weekend!

Take care,


Vicki W said...

I obviously need more scissors! They look so cool all there together.

Cat said...

Judy - what a good idea to get a "life coach" to help tackle that seemingly never ending disorder of disorganization! That's ME!!! Whether it's fabric clutter or paper clutter from mail...I just don't get on top of it!
Best wishes to you on your daily journey... and I'm sure that creative bug called inspiration will hit you with a slam and you'll have to stop everything to make a mess!
Smiles, Cat

supplies overflowing! said...

hi judy,
I feel like I need to apologize, or at least acknowledge something here. I am embarrassed.
A few weeks ago, when I took that collaged and painted piece- and turned it into a self portrait, I posted, and went around then to other blogs. I came to yours and saw a portrait- so opposite in feel, so calming, but still, the same idea, and I'd felt as though I'd stolen your work.
Now, as I am reading your older posts once again, I realized that you had titled a post the same as I did last night. However, I know that I had read your older post before I wrote mine, so maybe the title popped into my mind because of yours??
Weird. Sorry.

quiltcat said...

Wow, nice assortment of scissors! i have four little papier mache cats who look very like yours (yours looks a lot like Karen L R's Henry, don't you think?) except mine live with a whole bunch of other cat chatchkes on a sideboard. I have friend who's offered to help me de-clutter but instead of taking her up on it, i've felt insulted and threatened...i guess i either need to get a stranger to help me, or start working on it on my own! You're doing great!

summer girl said...

I don't think you have enough scissors, Judy!!!!!
love ya, j