Sunday, January 24, 2010

Flowers and Sushi

I bought myself this sweet primrose plant at the supermarket
for less than $2! Its vibrant color is so welcome
in the middle of winter.

I applied a green border and finished this sushi picture
for my daughter Kate, who is visiting this weekend.


Here's a close-up photo showing the texture of the stitches. Kate likes
 quirky things as well as sushi, so this will hang in her kitchen in Toronto.
I told her that not
many moms make sushi pictures for their daughters!!
She is here to attend a conference and give a workshop at MIT
in Cambridge this week. I'm very proud of her!

I'm hoping to get some good work done this week!


Rose said...

Wow....nice combination of flowers and sushi. Everything looks perfect on your blog. Expecting some more post like this.

Karen L R said...

We were both having a daughterful weekend!

Love the sushi...texture and subtle use of color.

And this is the perfect time of year for primroses, I'll look for some today.

Stay dry, Judy!

Carrie P. said...

Love that sushi better than the real stuff! lol

Lyn said...

Petty flower, nice to see some colour.

kanishk said...

Love the sushi...texture and subtle use of color.

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