Thursday, January 21, 2010

This first month of the year is slipping by so quickly and I've been feeling like I'm accomplishing very little! Then I realized that my workspaces are still very cluttered from holiday projects, leaving me with little 'creative space'. So today I began decluttering, starting with the desk where my sewing machine lives. It took only an hour to put away the threads, bobbins, scissors, pens and pencils that covered the surface. It looks much more inviting now! I moved the sewing machine down to the end until I need it, which gives me room to draw designs and prepare projects.

Yesterday, while I was out shoveling snow, I heard a veritable chorus of birdsong! I looked in the direction it was coming from and saw a flock of birds in my neighbor's trees. They were either resting or looking for food, but I'm sure they found plenty in the many bird feeders in our neighborhood!

And this little fir tree in front of our house looked like a holiday card with its frosted branches!

Hope everyone who reads this is having a great week!



Beena said...

The tree really does look like it belongs on a Christmas card!

I have made it my mission to de-clutter this year, and to get to all those projects around the house I've put off for so long. Instead of getting overwhelmed, I do just a little at a time, knowing I can get through it! I have gotten some done for January, but know I have next month, too, if I need it! You are right...this month seems to have almost flown completely by!

Libby Fife said...

Really gorgeous photos. I have come to appreciate these winter landscapes-there really is more going on than meets the eye.

I know what you mean about not being able to start something fun in a cluttered space. It matters doesn't it?

Karen L R said...

clutter sure does get in the way of creative energy. sometimes it's hard to stop and tidy up. that's when my studio becomes an "archeological situation"!

i'm in boston, visiting with lindsey for a few days. we have lots of fun adventures planned. then i'll pop by mumsie's house for a visit on sunday afternoon. so, yes, i am planning on having a very good weekend!

LOVE your winter photos, judy.

Lori said...

Oh I LOVE decluttering! I do it every week! haha

Nan and =^..^= said...

You photos are beautiful and it's so nice to see someone else with the clutter problem...just when I had thought I was all decluttered, I'm now becoming cluttered again!

Cat said...

Your pictures of winter trees are great! I love the dark bird shapes in the tops!

I'm so glad you are going to make some ditty bags for the Haiti kids! Thanks for participating! I added a second tutorial link that is really good.

Have a great day. ~C

Simone said...

Hello Judy! I am in need of a de-cluttering myself. A clear worktop is like a blank canvas isn't it? Full of possibilities. The snowy view from your window is stunning if not a little chilly! x

kanishk said...

I have gotten some done for January, but know I have next month, too, if I need it! You are right...this month seems to have almost flown completely by!

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