Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blog Changes

I keep changing the header on my blog, and today I learned how to change the background. Do you like it? I've been wanting a linen-look background, but I'm not sure whether this is too dark - I've since found a lighter color!. In any case, it took me quite a while to set this up, so I'll keep it for a while - at least until I want to lighten up for Spring and Summer!
I'm thinking about starting an etsy shop this summer, and trying to figure out what to create for sale. In the 80's, I belonged to a wonderful craft co-op in southern Massachusetts and sold little matted and framed fabric pictures like these:



These are actually scanned color copies of pieces that sold, but give you an idea of the type of thing I did back then - lots of commercial fabrics, appliqued and satin stitched. Since then my style has changed a bit,
but I'm hoping I can come up with some nice pieces to sell. By that time I hope to have a solid look for my blog, but for now it's fun to play with different options!


Bia, from Brazil said...

The linnen background makes reading more comfortable. It looks great.
It´s fun to keep changing the background, banner and all there it to a blog. This one here is my new "home".I have 3 to keep changing now!

Bia said...

Tks for dropping by my little chocolate home and leaving such a nice sweet comment.

A Casinha de Chocolate said...

You can use the translator (upper right corner) and check what´s been said about your iniciative.

Karen L R said...

I am delighted that you have signed up for Jane's class! And I've been switching things up over at sewandsow, too. We both seem to have spring fever, maybe?

Libby Fife said...

Clever girl!

I always enjoy looking at your past pieces. I do hope you get your Etsy shop together; I think it could be fun for you.

quiltcat said...

I really like your new look, although i'm having some trouble reading it...between old monitor, and older eyes, the slim font doesn't stand out too well against the background for me. I love your fabric pictures and eagerly look forward to whatever you're going to come up with for your Etsy shop!

Lori ann said...

Hi Judy,
I love these fabric art pictures, they are so charming, each a work of art. Etsy is a great idea, i opened a shop there too! i haven't had the time to make things for it though, so right now i've been putting in vintage treasures to sell.

supplies overflowing! said...

HI Judy!
just a quick note here- I have commented before about your work so you should know that I love what you do.
Since you have been making changes to your blog, I thought I would chime in and offer an opinion.
While I do like the linen look,and your photos stand out, I need the print to be darker in order for these eyes of mine to better read the print. That's all!
Keep us posted about Etsy


Judy Hartman said...

Thank you, Jenny and Quiltcat for your feedback!!
While the text looks fine on my monitor, I hear you that it doesn't stand out on all!! I certainly want to be coherent, so I'll work on it.
Many thanks!!

sparkle jars said...

I look forward to your Etsy shop this summer! I love how your blog looks...beautiful!