Sunday, April 18, 2010

Recent ATCs

I received this card awhile ago from my friend Janice,
 but haven't posted it, although it is one of my favorites!
There are metal elements which make this card unique!

At our recent creative get - together, I received these great cards from Karen...

and these from Elaine! Title: "But teacher, I lost my homework!"

And these were the cards I gave to Karen and Elaine!
I plan to make more cards along this line, inspired by the work
of one of my favorite quilt artists.
I will link to her blog and show more of the cards when they are completed.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!


Libby Fife said...

I always love Elaine's work. I wish she had a blog:( Glad to see the ATCs though-they look like lots of fun:)

Anonymous said...

judy,your friend,libby flatters me !!!

i love the ATC in brown that Janice sent you.


Lori said...

Wow- nice cards. So creative. Hope you are doing well :)

pet dog collars said...

Love the cards, but what really got my thinking is the words of Picasso that you add in your site, they are so right.