Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And On to Rome!

After a week in Tuscany, I couldn't imagine anything else
measuring up to the beauty I had found there.
If you've read my last few posts, you know that I am in love with Tuscany!
But the next phase of my journey led to a very
different type of beauty.

Our hotel, the Michelangelo, was right down the street from The Vatican.
Here I am, on the tiny balcony outside our room,
with the dome of St. Peter's in the background.
At night it is lit up and very beautiful to see.

We visited St. Peter's, the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel,
and the exquisite artwork was well worth the hours we spent waiting in lines.

Could this be my next kitty?

We had a wonderful time in Rome, saw all the sights, witnessed
the very moving sense of faith and the beautiful 
old buildings -
a real contrast to the countryside of Tuscany,
but a very fitting ending to our Italian journey.

Now, onto interpreting some of this beauty into a new series of fiber pictures.

Ciao, everyone!!


Lyn said...

Oh how wonderful! I went to Rome in 2008 with my mum and we had a lovely time! You look like you are too!

Karen L R said...

thanks, judy, for sharing these pictures. (you look so cute in your turquoise top!) looking forward to seeing your italy-inspired work!

Simone said...

Just catching up with your last few posts. Your photos of Tuscany are breathtakingly gorgeous! The colours are so inspiring and uplifting. Rome looks pretty good too but Tuscany looks like my kind of place. x

Michelle | Online Poster Printing said...

I've never been to rome, but I'd really want to go there for all the rich history. The structures and art works would be awesome to see.

Gail P said...

I was in Rome, Tuscany, and Amalfi last year and plan to use lots of the photos I took in my work. Reading about your experience brought back great memories. Thanks for sharing them!

Lori said...

Oh I thought about you a lot! I'm sure it was so wonderful.