Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Down in the Mouth

That's me on the right!
In case you're wondering where I've been, I've been dealing with not one, but two separate oral problems. The first took place a few weeks ago, due to what was thought to be a failed root canal. After the endodontist/oral surgeon had cut open my gum and performed 3/4 of the surgery to correct it, he determined that it indeed was not a failed root canal and the tooth would have to be extracted. Of course, he could not do the extraction, so he sent me off with a huge bill and a very sore gum. 
Before I could make an appointment with a regular oral surgeon, the opposite side of my mouth became severely inflamed with an infected salivary gland. (there is a stone inside that needs to be removed) Yesterday I was seen by two doctors, and I have a consultation with an oral surgeon tomorrow. That is where I stand right now, with a huge swelling in my lower jaw, on antibiotics and pain meds, unable to eat much and just a bit miserable. 
I know this doesn't have anything to do with Hartfelt Fabric Art, but it feels good to vent! Sympathetic comments are welcomed and encouraged!!
I'm off to take my Percoset. Perhaps in the altered state of mind it puts me in, I'll create some lovely artwork. Or sleep. Or watch a movie.

I'll be back when I'm feeling better!

Hope you are having a great day!!


Simone said...

Judy! You are nothing like Stan Laurel!!! I do sympathise with your problems. I have had a few root canal treatments in my time and a lot of trouble with incompetent dentists so I truly do understand. I hope that you are not in too much pain and that it all gets sorted out very soon. Poor you! x

Karen L R said...

Oh, take good care, buddy!

Joyce said...

Sorry to hear about all your tooth/dentist problems. Get well soon.

Cynthia Eloise said...

oh so sorry. when it rains it pours. hope you are better soon. you'll be missed.

Anne said...

Sorry to hear that your mouth is still painful.

Hope you're taking care of yourself and doing lots of resting. Watching movies sounds like a good idea! The artwork can wait.

Feel better soon!

Judy Hartman said...

Simone, Karen, Joyce, Cyndee and Anne,
Thank you very much for your kind responses (also Elaine (by phone) and Ann (by email). It is always comforting to hear from blogging friends and I did want to explain my lack of work. I AM resting, Anne, and I'm hoping the antibiotics will kick in soon. I just need a bit more patience!

Libby Fife said...

Poor thing! I hate tooth problems (have had my share) and I always end up feeling miserable. Try to be comfortable as best you can and snuggle up with the kitties:)

Shell said...

I love the header with the snow and cute bunny. It fits the weather right now.
I hope you feel better, soon. Just hearing you talk about this..I know I have to make a trip to the dentist myself.

Missy said...

It is always good to vent. Feel better!

From Your Mindseye said...

Judy, look at it this way, one of your New Years resolutions was to lose weight. Serendipity does the job. I'm teasing, of course, you don't NEED to lose weight and I pity you the pain. Went through some of that last year with an abcessed tooth, axtraction and implant. Not much fun!
Enjoy your rest.

sharon said...

Problems with teeth are NOT fun, even when you're in the best of hands. I can recommend a really marvelous dentist, but you'd have to be willing to travel! Not with the weather you've been having. On the radar this morning it looked to me as if more was on your way! Some winters are just like that. Hope your husband is back now to take over so you can put your feet up and be pampered.
Can your mouth allow you to sip some tea? Try TAZO Zen, with mint and lemon grass. Sending you healing energy from up on Asbury Ridge.

Judy Hartman said...

Thanks so much, Libby,Shell, Missy, Julie and Sharon. Also thank you so much, Nan, for your helpful emails.
Now waiting for the antibiotics to do their thing, then will schedule surgery.
You ladies are the best!!

Anonymous said...

Judy, I am so sorry to hear of your pain. Drugs are a good thing and milkshakes too! Get well soon,
Barbara M.