Friday, January 21, 2011

Everyday Life

I've been wanting so much to create something new to post on my blog, but I've been immersed in organizing, cleaning and shoveling snow! My husband is away on business, and this is the week when Mother Nature decided to send us two snow storms! It snowed last night and today, and this is what greeted me when I went out to shovel:
Front Walkway

Now, I just know this is due to the fact that, in my last post, I boasted about my superior strength after a year of working with weights at the gym! That will teach me!!

Inside, some of us are cuddling for warmth.

And, while cleaning, I came across this little stuffed kitty that my mother used to keep on her bed. 
She named her "Betsy". It is stretched out on a beautiful afghan my mom made for me years ago.
Although it has been 3 1/2 years since my parents passed away,
I still miss them terribly.

And, finally, I'm adding a photo of some roses, past their prime, but still beautiful.
The doily was made by my grandmother, probably 50 years ago!

As I said, just the stuff of everyday life!
And, by the way, that is the name of one of my favorite blogs,
written by Lyn who lives in England (West Yorkshire)
and who is a truly wonderful photographer!

I'm working on a small journal quilt and hope to show it to you tomorrow!

Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!


Cynthia Eloise said...

looks to me like those two little kitties have the right idea. stay in out of the snow. besides, where do you start. there's just too much to shovel. it will melt eventually.

you have some great reminders of your mom. yesterday would have been my mothers birthday, she would have been 102. hard to believe.

Anne said...

Wow! You have a LOT of snow. It really is beautiful, even if shoveling it has been a lot of work.

How wonderful that you have your mom's kitty and afghan.

I'm excited to see your journal quilt. I'd never heard of a journal quilt until recently and I'm still not sure what defines one.

Simone said...

That's a lot of snow!!! I like the kitty that was your Mum's, it looks very much like your two kitties in its colour. The afghan and doiley are very beautiful heirlooms, I am sure with many special memories attached. Keep warm and have a lovely weekend. x

Lyn said...

Bless you Judy.
Lovely post, everyday things often make the best posts and you have given us lots to think about and look forward too.

Beatriz said...

Lovely post I can partially understand. I know little about snow but a lot about missing people and treasuring memories. The opposite would be easier, I suppose, although I don´t get along with snow at all.