Friday, January 28, 2011

The Joy of Painting

Thank you, friends, for all of your kind comments on my last post. I'm going to have surgery this coming week to remove my salivary gland, and that should take care of my poor sore mouth!! But I really appreciated your helpful, concerned and sometimes funny comments!

Today I decided to do something soothing and creative. I've been going through my fabrics, concentrating on commercial prints which I feel can add some texture to the landscapes I now have in progress.
I have many batiks like this which are very beautiful. I like to take pieces of these fabrics and overpaint them with Setacolor transparent paints, giving them new blended colors, yet retaining the markings of the original design. When I painted this fabric, I came out with this result:
Of course, the way I cut up fabrics, any tiny corner could be valuable to my latest project.
This over-painted piece holds many treasures:
I find just the right section to use by cutting a window from a piece of paper to make a view finder.

I have a few pieces drying on my porch table, out of the reach of certain furry creatures!
Some have salt to disperse the paints and the colors always dry lighter than they look right after painting.
So, it will be fun to see how they look in the morning!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Love your work :). Best of luck with your surgery.
Stay inspired!
Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

sharon said...

Sending you mental hugs. Gee I wish I could peek over your shoulder while you're painting your fabrics. I've always wanted to learn how to do that. The idea of a window is one I had learned long ago but had forgotten. Thanks for the reminder.
Be well.

From Your Mindseye said...

The fabric painting is beautiful. What a fun thing to do. I love the colors and textures. I'll have to try that sometime. I'm working on a still life of my sister's Thanksgiving table that is calling me to work on it. Today should be freed up so I can. Hope you're feeling better. Does surgery on the salivary gland impair your saliva production? Sounds painful. My thoughts will be with you.

Cynthia Eloise said...

beautiful colors. let us see them after they dry. good luck with your surgery, i'm sure you will be feeling much better after getting this over.

Lyn said...

Good luck with the operation and I hope you make a speedy recovery,

quiltcat said...

Hi Judy. Sorry you've been having so much trouble with your mouth...hope the salivary gland surgery cures everything, and you make a fast recovery! Your overpainted batiks are enough to brighten anyone's day...lovely!

Simone said...

I have never tried over painting fabric - it looks very interesting and no two pieces would be alike would they? Another technique I must try one day soon!!!