Sunday, May 22, 2011

Giveaway Winner!

Fourteen readers left comments on the post about
Rosie and Angus' giveaway!
I put all the names on some foam flowers I had left over
from a children's workshop I did a few years ago
and put a tiny bit of catnip on the back of each flower.
Rosie went right to it and chose an orange flower...

which had Mika's name on it,
so congratulations to Mika from Mika Art!!

Mika does sweet mixed media paintings which often include adorable cats
and other animals. I hope you'll take a moment to visit her blog!
I'll send the cushion and toy on to you, Mika, as soon as I get your address!

I've made a variety of posy cat toys for everyone else who participated.
If you left a comment on my last post, just drop me an email at
and I'd love to send you a toy for your kitty!!
Thanks so much for joining in!!


Lyn said...

Well done Mika, I am sure they will be put to good use!

Karen L R said...

A job well done, Rosie! And congratulations to Mika.

Pam Perras said...

Congratulations Mika! What a cute way to pick the winner. Good job, Rosie.

Simone said...

Judy this was great fun! Congratulations to the winner! Thank you so much for making everyone a winner too!!! x

Anne said...

Awww... great job, Rosie! Congrats to Mika!

MiKa Art said...

Hi Judy,
Thank you so much!!!
I've never won anything from giveaways. I'm so happy to win such a wonderful, generous prize! :)

Thank you so much again, and have a great week!

Cynthia Eloise said...

i love your method for selecting a winner. so appropriate. congrats mika.

gill said...

Congratulations to Mika!
What a great way to choose the winner!

sharon said...

Dovey says "Good job, Rosie." even though she herself has no interest in catnip yet.
Happy day Mika and her kitty pal.

Cat said...

Oh my goodness your kitties are too cute, so silly how they have their flower toys! What fun.
Congrats to the winner.