Thursday, June 16, 2011

After the Rain, Part deux

I'm trying to work on bringing tasks to completion.
Often I make a fabric picture and photograph it for my blog without 
adding a border or having it completely finished.
Then it goes in a drawer and never sees the light of day again!

When I looked at the piece in my last post, it felt very incomplete to me.

So, I've spent more time on it, added more detail, and this is how it came out.

It seems like a more finished piece now, and all the beading was fun 
for a change. The whole picture sparkles in the sun, reinforcing 
it's title, "After the Rain".

I'm already working on my next landscape.
June is half over, 
It's a beautiful day,
and the Bruins won the Stanley Cup last night!
And Boston rejoices!!

Hope all's well in your part of the world!!


Joyce said...

I like the second one much better. It looks more balanced now.

Karen L R said...

:-) to all of the above.

MiKa Art said...

This is really nice! The details really add up. I'm so amazed what you can do with your hands.

tea time and roses said...

Beautiful Judy as is all of your work! The addition of the flowers are certainly beautiful.

Happy summer to you dear friend. So happy your team won!:o)



Michelle V. Alkerton said...

Great finishing touches you added. They bring more life to the piece :).
Stay inspired!

Libby Fife said...

You gave it some oomph! I could really see that in a frame too. Very nice, like looking through a window:)