Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What I've Been Up to

      I was going through my bead collection recently and thought to myself that I really needed to edit my stash. Even tubes of beads take up space when there are enough of them!

Serendipitously, on the same day I read a post on the Craft Hope blog about an Orphan Outreach program looking for handmade bracelets for children in Russia. You can read about it here. I was immediately inspired by the idea of making bracelets to bring smiles to abandoned children's faces, so I've been beading away while watching tv at night. If you're interested, the deadline for this project is June 15.

And, as it is a new month, I'm declaring June to be "Landscape Month" on my blog. I've talked about this before, the fact that I had begun some fabric landscapes, and this whole month will be dedicated to finishing them, and creating others in mixed media!

So, stay tuned........and, by the way, Happy June!!!


quiltcat said...

Hi Judy. I've been away from your blog for waaay too long, but i'm relieved to see that you posted not too long ago, given what i heard on the news about the violent weather in Massachusetts. Stay safe!

Regina said...

Hi, i found your blog from Mika Art Blog.. Love your fabric craft! I always want to make a fabric craft but i just succeed to made some keychains and tissue box..
And, actually I don't really understand how are the procedures of giveaway,, can you explain it please?
Thanks ^^

Libby Fife said...

Landscape Month-Gotta love it! I will be working right along with you (with the painting).

tea time and roses said...

Hello Judy,

How wonderful to be visiting here today!:o) I certainly missed my regular visits during my little sick time. I want to thank you for your sweet get well wishes.:o)

I took a quick peek at the your previous post and would like to congratulate you on your 500th post! wow what an accomplishment!:o) I also see you had a lovely giveaway. Stay away a few days and boy do you miss a whole bunch.:o)

Happy weekend to you dear Judy. Enjoy a beautiful one.



Anne said...

What a great idea with those bracelets.

Can't wait to see what landscapes you've been working on!

MiKa Art said...

Hi Judy,
These bracelets are so pretty! I admire your lovely sense of colours. The children will be extremely happy whenever they see the pretty bracelets they are wearing and be comforted by your kindness!!

I'm really enjoying your pillow (I must confess that I still can't give it to my furry guy yet. It is just too pretty. I like looking at it and touching the soft fabric)

Have a wonderful June!