Monday, June 20, 2011

Moving Along

I've been working on my latest landscape this morning, adding some layered, painted netting for foliage, and some shadows on the house. Since I really like this piece, I've been fearful of ruining it by adding the "wrong" elements. Finally I had to say to myself, "Get a grip and do what you want. It's YOUR artwork!!" We perfectionists can be pretty irrational at times! I have more I want to do to it, including some simple stitching, and I hope I'll have the finished result to share in a few days!

On a different note, I've been observing the hydrangea in front of our house
getting larger than ever before - nearly 5 feet across, with so many buds!!

The very first blue blossoms are appearing, which really makes me happy!

Poor Rosie sits inside the front screen door, longing to come out,
but we live in a busy corner, so she will have to be content being an "inside cat"!

I wish everyone who reads this a wonderful week!


Joyce said...

Your landscape has moved beautifully in the right direction. It's gorgeous.

Karen L R said...

beautiful artwork.

sharon said...

Oh how I wish I could take a class with you! I would so love to know how to go about such a landscape. Beautiful, Judy.

Lyn said...

lovely landscape, it had such depth!
Poor Rosie but it is for her own good!

From Your Mindseye said...

Judy, I LOVE the landscape. Your hydrangea bush must be related to mine in the front of my house. It's huge too and full of flowrs. I wait until some of them are a little dry and cut them and put them in a vase without water. They dry and retain their color all summer. So comforting.