Monday, August 29, 2011

After Irene

The house is still standing,

the sun is shining,
and all is well.

Do I seem obsessed with my hydrangeas?
I just love them as they take on their late summer colors!

And if I seem to be having an identity crisis,
(as I keep changing my profile photo!)
it's because my eyes get all squinty when I smile and
I feel like they look closed in most pictures!

Ah, well!
Bill will be home tonight and all will be right in my world!

Hope your world is a happy one today!


Cynthia Eloise said...

glad you weathered the storm ok. i've been thinking i should change my profile pix also but i take such bad pictures. we are never happy with the way we look. especially now that gravity has taken over.

sharon said...

Welcome home Bill! Happy Judy.
Your hydrangea is spectacular. There are the most lovely shades blended in each globe.
So thankful that for now all is right in your world.
happiest regards

Simone said...

So glad that things have calmed down for you. You look lovely in all your pictures Judy. You have happy eyes! x

From Your Mindseye said...

Judy, I don't know where
August went. I didn't have time to Post a blog or read yours until now. It always amazes me that two people, who have never met, have so many things in common. I also love Fall. It's my favorite time of year and this year I have rushed it a bit by decorating my interior already. My daughter has been here to take care of her ailing Father but since he was in the hsopital most of the time, she stayed with me. We coudln't resist the temptation to fill the house with touches of Fall....a rare treat when we can do it together. I am so glad you survived Irene and the earthquake. My neighbors here also live on Long Island and hurried back before the storm hit. We all worried for our East Coast friends. Glad you're safe. I love your hycrangeas...mine are looking that way too. I love them so much.