Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Beautiful Creation

We've been having some gorgeous summer weather this week, despite the earthquake some areas of the east coast experienced yesterday. I felt nothing, but some people in our region have reported swaying light fixtures and shifting furniture. On top of this,  Hurricane Irene is on her way, and we should be getting some rain and winds beginning Sunday. Since my husband will be returning from Japan Saturday night, I'm hoping that the bad weather will hold off until he gets home!

On Monday, I had lunch with some friends and then we went to my friend Andrea's studio to see this beautiful quilt made by the very talented Nedra. It's hard to believe that the motifs on this pieced quilt are entirely hand appliqued!  There are Sunbonnet Sue figures tucked in here and there, and the name of the quilt is "Sueville Album Quilt". 
Nedra was asking our opinion as to what she would use for the outer border.... 

There was a general consensus that the inner border should be repeated. Nedra has already attached the border, and this is the result :

I can only say that, in person, this quilt is a real joy to behold!! The colors dance, the workmanship is beautiful and now it just needs to be quilted. I predict that it will be an absolute beauty when it is done!
Thanks for sharing your creation, Nedra!

I hope that everyone who reads this is enjoying a terrific week!


Anonymous said...

It is a beautiful quilt Judy! Stopping by to wish you well. Hope your hubby has a pleasant flight home and the nasty weather doesn't put a damper on things. The earthquake was felt here too (though not by me) and we just had a Tornado warning lifted. Nature is stronger than any human.
Stay inspired!

Libby Fife said...

What a beautiful quilt! Those bright colors against the white background are always so striking.

Hope your husband makes it home ahead of the weather. Looks like you are having a fun week:)

Karen L R said...

that's a beautiful quilt, really spectacular!

fingers crossed for bill's safe arrival on saturday.


Lyn said...

wow there is so much work in this I admire anyone who can put their mind to a project such as this.
I hope your hubby arrives home befor the storm hits. Keep safe.

Cynthia Eloise said...

so much detail, beautiful quilt. hope the weather doesn't cause any problems for you. will be thinking about you this weekend.