Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wind and Rain

First off, thank you, thank you, thank you to my dear blogging friends who have left concerned comments about me and my husband and good  old Hurricane Irene. I can always count on you for support and advice when I need it! Where else would I get solutions to my sewing machine tension problems (works great now!), learn the name of a flower I happened upon, and receive comfort when I'm alone in a hurricane?


So far, Hurricane Irene has been less aggressive than predicted. In fact, she has been downgraded to a tropical storm. This photo shows what it looks like outside now, but we have had some periods of very heavy rain at times. I live up near the north shore of Massachusetts, but I know that things have been worse on the south shore where my sister lives. She has been without power all day.

Meanwhile, now that the winds have subsided a bit, the cats are in full sleep mode on the porch!

Rosie fell asleep on top of two placemats. ( they will need a lint roller treatment! )

And Angus sacked out on a chair, on top of one of our former living room pillows.

I'm grateful that (so far) all we'll have to do is clean up a few leaves and branches when this is over, that my husband will be home tomorrow night, and that better weather is ahead.
I'm keeping in mind all who have had any hardships as a result of this storm, and hope that things get back to normal very soon!
P.S. Since I began this post earlier, I did lose power for an hour and a half, but it could have been so much worse!!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!


Lyn said...

I am glad you are all safe and snug.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi Judy,
Glad to hear you did fine with the storm.
We were also lucky with the storm in that the rain and wind was not as ferocious as it could have been. My relatives in Conn. have had more difficulty...power outages that are still going on and a tree that fell in the wrong place! We did lose the power this afternoon for an hour and I'm thankful things are pretty
much back to normal.
Take good care!

Simone said...

I am so glad that you are safe and well Judy. I think animals act up when the weather is strange - your cats looks so contented and at ease with the World. Try not to worry. I am sure everything will be fine. x

sharon said...

Blessings and grace aplenty. May Bill arrive home finding you and your lovely home serene.
Thanks for your beautiful thoughts sent my way in the midst of your concerns for heart and hearth, Judy.