Friday, May 4, 2012

Painting on a Grey Day

Today was the kind of day when...

Angus buried himself in an afghan,

Rosie curled up on the sofa (see how dark it was?),

and I went to my laundry room/painting studio to paint fabric!!
I used my Setacolor transparent fabric paints and did some freeform flowers.
I knew that the color would be darker when wet, and that I would probably be
cutting this fabric up later to use for appliqué, but I like the whole garden effect also!

When it dried and I heat set the paint, it looked more like this:

I'll definitely be adding more details and color, but I'm off to a good start!

And, of course, Rosie roused herself from her nap to come downstairs to inspect
 every single move I made! 

We are promised sun tomorrow and it will be nice to see the gloomy weather lift!
Also, I'll be taking photos at the Kidcasso event and exhibit!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Thanks for stopping by!


Dana Barbieri said...

awwh, your kitties are so cute! I have one and she is very curious like yours. The flowers are so pretty and cheery! I remember painting on silk in college very fondly. Would love to try again some time. I hope your weekend is filled with lots of sunshine. Good luck at your event.

Anonymous said...

Definitely a great painting project to brighten your day :).
Stay inspired!

Anne said...

Your flowers are beautiful and your helpers so sweet. :)

Hope you see lots of sunshine and have a wonderful time at the Kidcasso event!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

amazing to paint on fabric
like you so beautifully do:)