Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Still Here!

The hot days of July make everyone slow down.
Angus loves the heat, and practically lives on the porch...

Rosie prefers the cool living room floor...

or standing guard at the front door, watching the neighborhood goings-on...

The hydrangeas are bursting with periwinkle blue blossoms...

and the hostas are reaching out arms laden with flowers.

On the mantle is a sphere of seashells...

as well as a little summery vignette.

I've been working on some projects on my dining room table, thinking out new methods, and taking a bit of a different approach. I have to say, change - even minor change - is scary! So, I'm taking my time, doing a bit every day, and on my sliding glass door is this home-made sign: 

The sun shines through it and it inspires me.

All is well here and I hope your summer is going along beautifully!

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

Love your sign :).
Stay inspired!

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Good for you for being thoughtful and working through what you really want to do. Can't wait!! (but I will...!)

Karen L R said...

Like Angus, our Henry finds the sunniest spot, even in the heat of the day. Crazy!

Change and possibilities are wonderful partners. I am glad you are dwelling in their midst and it will be fun to see what happens there.


Libby Fife said...

I enjoy your hydrangeas every year! The kitties look contented and everything seems just right:) Looking forward to seeing whatever you may be working on.

sharon said...

Our Mya absolutely loves the back porch on the hottest days. And Dovey seeks out bits of carpet or seats in the sunshine as her preferred napping nooks. Cats.
I just love your blue hydrangeas. Here in the midwest, unless I drench them in a soil acidifier, hydrangeas are always pink.
As for your approach to your art, Judy. It's a bit like taking alternate routes home, isn't it? The destination, getting nearest to where you are most yourself, remains the same. Getting there? On a new road there's a chance of getting lost or spending heaps of time, or finding it bumpy and crooked. That's ok.
I DO LOVE those blue flowers.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh! how glad i am to find you
you stopped showing up in my reader,
for some reason.
i'll try and fix that.
i love all the bright summering
happening over here:)
(happy kittys....I'm with the one
who chose the cool floor this week)
may your days be bright,

Simone said...

I am glad you are still here Judy!!! I love your sphere of seashells - how beautiful?!!! The home made sign is inspirational - dwell in possibility - I like that very much. x

Anne said...

Summer is for taking things slowly and going with the flow! Enjoy it!!

My hydrangeas seem especially blue this year and they just don't photograph to be the right color. Sad because they're SO vivid. Yours look lovely in your summery vignette! I must cut some of mine!

Gwen said...

Hi Judy.
I just love your room sign. Your garden looks amazing and so does the cat. I hope he is better behaved than mine.
Good luck with your new ideas, hang on in there and it will all come together. I can't wait to see what you get up to.
Best wishes from a soggy England.
Luckily I love the rain.

Simone said...

Hello Judy! I just wanted to pop by and say hi! I hope that you are bearing up with all the hot weather you are having and staying nice and cool in the house! x

Anonymous said...

I really like your sphere of seashells...and your cats!!
It's nice to see your cats enjoying summer! It's the best part of the year for me, ..and now that I'm back in Italy for a while I'm enjoying it! :)

tea time and roses said...

Hello Judy,

How happy I am to be here! I hope you are enjoying a lovely summer. Peeking at your previous post I see you have been busy making art, lovely art indeed. You know just how much of a fan I am. :)

Your hydrangeas are lovely, the color breathtaking. Continue to enjoy a beautiful summer dear Judy.



ozgrkdn said...

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Lyn said...

just catching up...lovely post!