Monday, January 7, 2013


I've been spending the days lately organizing my fabric and threads, but like to sketch when I'm watching TV at night. Sometimes these sketches become embroideries, sometimes not.

Here's a typical evening scene - Rosie on the back of my chair, chirping for me to pat her.
She refuses to sit on any person's lap, but likes to be patted if you don't look at her!
Do we need the cat psychiatrist here for a visit?

...Which brings me to this imaginary portrait of me with my kitties-
imaginary because (a) they would never sit so peacefully together,
and (b) Rosie would never be sitting so sweetly on my lap!!

And finally, a little machine embroidered sketch. I'm practicing going around tight curves because I'd like to try machine stitched handwriting. I need lots of practice!!

 Hope your Monday has been a good one!


Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Cats are so funny aren't they?! We're not allowed to watch Meisha drink water and she'll only play with her ball (chirping and meowing the whole time) after we've gone to bed. I'd say our girls are about as well balanced as they're going to get :-) Love the sketches!! And super love that we have the same word for the year!! Hope it's going well for you! xx

sharon said...

Your flower is charming! Free motion stitching is not as easy as it looks. I took a class once and we had to stitch our names in cursive. Ha ha.
Dovey loves sitting on my lap and spends lots of time there each day, but only if she chooses to do so. She does NOT like to be picked up, even by me. Cats. Gotta love em.
Your sketches are a joy, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judy! I'm reading your blog to help me get to "midnight" at work tonight! LOVE your drawings of the kids - YES...I think Rosie needs a psycharist! OR, a week visiting her cousin Tweenie in San Diego! Talk soon! Ann

Libby Fife said...

Whiling away the evening pleasantly!

When you get done with the cat psychiatrist send him out in our direction please:)

Simone said...

Lovely sketches Judy. Aren't cats strange! If I try to stroke Gizmo from the front he attacks me! As long as he doesn't see my hand when I stroke him he is fine!x

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love the way your hands
express your imagination
and heart
even while you watch TV:)
and that little flower
with the button center
is darling.

cyndee starr said...

judy, what a darling drawing of yourself and your kitties. you really captured your own expression.

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